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Clare Airsoft in County Clare, central to Limerick, Cork, Galway, Kerry and Tipperary in Ireland.
Airsoft is a sporting game similar to Paintball. Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms. The guns fire small plastic balls (6mm BBs) at relatively low velocities (a legal maximum on automatic weapons of 1 Joule or 328fps/0,2 g BB is strictly applied at all times). At Deerpark Outdoor Centre we use only high quality biodegradable Bbs. Players are not permitted to use own Bbs!  Our guns are capable of firing up to 800 BBs a minute with a range of around 40 meters.

BBs do not break up or leave colored marks so an honor system is used to register ‘hits’.  Players raise their hands and call out hit to indicate that they have been shot (a team of marshals will be on site at all times to uphold our standards of fair play). Being hit by a BB fired from an Airsoft gun can be comparable to being flicked or pinched very hard, and if you are hit on a thinly covered area you will definitely notice it, however it doesn’t leave permanent marks and there is no lasting pain past the initial sting.
Ammo in airsoft is inexpensive to buy (extra mag for 5 euro). This makes a day out playing Airsoft affordable without having to be careful with the trigger, allowing you to enjoy the action and forget about running out of ammo! Our guns can carry up to 470 rounds in high capacity magazines.
Games are based in our woodland environment with multiple positions and objectives to attack and defend. We will also be running special scenarios where we may use modified rules and limited equipment, however unless otherwise advertised all games are ‘standard’ game types.
Facemasks must be worn at all times to protect the eyes. Due to the nature of our games (close encounters) just glasses are not sufficient.
There are 2 packages available :                                                                                                          The Rental Package     30 euro/person
Players receive all the protective gear ( face mask, chest protector, armored gloves and camouflaged overalls ), G36 AEG airsoft gun and 3x 470BBs magazines. Free refreshments included.

The Pro Package     25 euro/person
Players bring their own guns and equipment and receive 3000 0,20g bio Bbs or 2000 0,25g bio BBs. Free refreshments included. If needed, facemask are provided free of charge.
All guns will be checked prior the games and guns over a Joule will not be allowed!

Airsoft is a game of honor and players must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. It is each player’s responsibility to have a proper attitude toward all other players. Play with Honor and Respect!

All players must be at least the age of 10 year old to play in a Airsoft game. All players regardless of age are required to fill out a waiver. If you are under 18 years of age your parent or guardian must also sign the consent form.

All players must be able to safety aim and shoot at their target. No blind firing. Verify all your targets, to continue to shoot eliminated players or referees, could result in exposition from the park.

Facemasks must be used in all areas. Your full face and ears must be covered (This is a requirement and is not an option, regardless of age)

High quality 0,20g or 0,25g Biodegradable BBs available on the site! Only BBs purchased on site will be permitted.

328 FPS maximum or > 1Joule


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